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Hiya 🙂

This recipe was discovered as a result of my penchant for those “Daily Recipe” emails I sign up to.  Honestly, I get about 20 emails a day from the many recipe sites I browse.  So many, in fact, that it’s somewhat overwhelming and I don’t make the time to look at them all.

But this one stood out for me. 

It’s from the Food Network website.  Is anyone else addicted to their TV channel?  I could watch Barefoot Contessa all day (although Colin now hates Ina, after I told him about her refusal to take part in the Make a Wish Foundation – say it aint true, Ina 😦 ). 

This recipe, however, is from another TV Chef, Giada De Laurentiis.  She’s sickeningly beautiful and an amazing cook.  Not fair!  But I’ll forgive her, since this recipe was just too delicious.  And after reading all the rave reviews, I just had to try it.

This is my first attempt at using the Americanized “cup” method of measuring ingredients.  It was very simple 🙂

The recipe can be found here, but here’s my step by step account:

Ingredients (Serves 4, but I made dinner for 3 and froze the rest in a tub)

3 chicken breasts

1 cup balsamic vinegar

3/4 tomato ketchup

1/3 cup brown sugar

1 garlic clove, minced

1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce

1 tbsp Dijon mustard

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp pepper

I preheated the oven to 180 degrees, then roasted my chicken for 25 mins.

Meanwhile, I combined all the ingredients in a pot, brought to the boil then simmered for 20 mins to reduce.

I brought the chicken out of the oven, covered it in the Balsamic BBQ mixture, and returned to the oven for a further 15 mins.

I served this up with some boulangère potatoes (which I will post about next time!), and green beans.  It was scrumptious 🙂

Next time, I will definitely marinade my meat in this mixture overnight!  I completely understand why there are so many excellent reviews and I’m sure this will be a regular feature in my Meal Planning 🙂
Give it a bash and let me know how you get on!
Enjoy 🙂 x 



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