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So many people are scared of Black Pudding, and I used to be one of them.  Nowadays, I just play ignorant and enjoy it, without thinking about what it actually is (come on… it’s better this way!).

I was throwing a wee dinner party and knew my guests all liked black pudding (it would have been a bit of a risk otherwise!), so I decided to make Pork Stuffed with Black Pudding, wrapped in Prosciutto.  I’ve made this once before for Colin, and he loved it 🙂 although I used pork tenderloin and black forest ham the last time.  I felt the ham was too overpowering for the dish.  This time, I used loin steaks instead of tenderloin.

This is a perfect dish for a dinner party; you might even convert a few black-pudding-phobes if they’re brave enough!

Ingredients (Serves 5)

5 pork loin steaks

4 slices of black pudding (or 230g)

2 packs prosciutto ham (about 4-5 thin slices per steak)

First, I placed each steak in turn on a piece of cling film.  I covered it with another piece of cling film.  Then I beat it to… eh…death, thinking aggressive thoughts.  This flattens it out and makes it easier to roll later!

Serene once more, I took 1/5 of the black pudding (which I’d bashed with a fork into a bowl to break down a bit), and I spread it across the pork like this:

I rolled it up and placed it on a bed of prosciutto.

I wrapped the prosciutto around it, then covered each one in clingfilm into a wee sausage shape.  I put them in the fridge to keep their shape.  I done it overnight, but I’m sure an hour would do if you’re pushed for time.

I baked it for 30 mins in a preheated oven (180 degrees).  I served it with Clapshot (which is mashed potatoes & turnips, cream and chives.  I also made it for Burns Night. Delicious!) and honey glazed carrots and green beans.

I smothered it in a gravy made from: the meat juices, a glass of red wine and 2 Oxo cubes, reduced to a thickness I liked.

I love the way it looks when you cut into it! 😀

I hope you give it a try! 😀

In other news…

I Googled “Noble Nourishment” and noticed the 8th result down was “An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding by David Hume”.

That is what I just studied in my Philosophy class!  Is that spooky, or what?!

Hope you’re all having a lovely day/evening, wherever you are! 😀 x


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Haggis was alien to me until last year (the 250th anniversary of Rabbie Burns), when I tried it for the first time at a céilidh in Edinburgh (how utterly Scottish of me).  I was pleasantly surprised and have eaten it many times since then!

Last night, though, we opted for the Vegetarian Haggis, as my twin sister wont eat the real stuff.  I love tatties and I love neeps, but if you mash them together, add some cream, butter, and a sprinkling of fresh chopped chives… mmmm there you have some deliciously creamy Clapshot!  I wont even tell you what my sister though “Clapshot” was; I will show you a picture of it instead!


I made a “whisky jus” to go with it, by adding 30ml whisky to a hot pan, where I tipped it towards the flame and set fire to it, thus burning off the alcohol (my first flambé!!), added 150ml single cream (once the flames went out), salt and pepper, then reduced for a minute or two!  In retrospect, I should have added ALOT more cream (maybe 4-500ml for serving 3), as there wasn’t much to spread around. 

Hope you all had a fabulous Burn’s Night!

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