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I have a shameful confession. 

I’d rather spend 3 days on a beef bourguignon, than 3 minutes on an omelette.  Not because I dislike them (I LOVE them!); I’m just absolutely awful at making them.  I get my mum to make them for me.  When I watch Saturday Kitchen and they have the omelette race, I can’t help but think “surely that’s not edible; it’s all gooey and raw!”.  But after extensive (youtube) research, it appears that the professional chefs are, in fact, correct in their methods.

Tonight, faced with a tub of mushrooms that had to be eaten, I decided to be brave and attempt a mushroom omelette.  A cheesy one, for extra decadence (it may clog my arteries, but it’s bloody worth it).  I done some last minute preparation (by watching this video) and felt ready to take the plunge.

It started off well.  I had far too many mushrooms (250g), but I intended to use half and freeze half, once sautéed (I read that this would be ok; I guess I wont be finding out any time soon!).  I have a serious obsession with mushrooms and couldn’t bear to remove any from the pan.  So they ALL stayed.

I should have taken my “extra mushroom” situation into consideration, when I decided to plop only 2 beaten eggs into the pan.  Maybe a 3rd egg would have made it look more like the fluffy omelette I had envisioned.

Things were looking surprisingly ok, until it was time to turn it over (should I have just folded it in half at this point?).  I was silly and tried to use a plate as a stepping stone in turning it over in one piece.

When it went back into the pan, everything fell apart.  There wasn’t enough egg to keep the mushies in their place.  I added my cheese (about 30g grated mature cheddar) to one half and put the broken half of the mixture on top, in an attempt to bind it together and make it look “omelettey”.  It worked better than I thought.

Granted, it doesn’t look like the most appetising dish in the world.  But if, like me, you are a mushroom fiend… you’d have loved this!  It was very tasty indeed.  Finished off with a nice cup of tea, of course (milk & no sugar if we ever meet 😉 )

So what did I learn from this eggy escapade?  I learned that if you melt cheese over something, it will always taste good! 🙂

I posted about this crappy omelette, as an appeal to basic cooks everywhere (as this is surely supposed to be a basic dish?).  Can someone tell me how to make a proper omelette?

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