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Happy New Year Everyone!

I thought I’d start off my first post by telling you how I came up with my Blog name: Noble Nourishment.

Writing out my New Years Resolutions, I came up with a potentially life altering list.  Not for mankind or anything; but on a personal level.  One resolution was to utilise my food obsession and make more of an effort to create wonderful dishes.  Another was to start up a journal, lest I go senile (I swear, I fear it’s already starting; I am more absent minded with each day that passes).

It occurred to me that writing a food blog can serve to honour each of those resolutions, in an uncharacteristically (for me) efficient manner… combined with my love for writing, it couldn’t be more perfect!  I haven’t written much lately, which, I have to admit has resulted in a rather malnourished soul.

We are all well versed in how to feed our bodies to function properly.  Unfortunately, making sure your soul doesn’t starve doesn’t have a “how to” manual (unless those “Books for Dummies” folk have cottoned on!).  This is why I said my New Years List could be potentially life altering.  It’s like forcing enrichment upon myself; I’d recommend it to anyone!  At the risk of sounding dramatic, the alternative just seems too tragic to comprehend.

Food, of course, is the primary form of nourishment; everybody needs to be fed in order to live and function.  I’m starting to realise that I need to nourish my mind in order to really live though; not just function.  For me, this can be done by making tasty food, reading great books and writing with passion and enthusiasm.  Essentially, just making time for doing things I enjoy and not feeling guilty about it.

Hence the Blog name Noble Nourishment.  My surname is Noble and this blog will be a tale of what I get up to in order to be truly Nourished.  I have come across some wonderful food blogs in recent times and can only aspire to create something that gives even half the joy to read.

To finish off my first post, I thought I’d leave you with some pictures I took in Pollok Park, on New Year’s Day.  I look forward to writing more posts!


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